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Can you create and deliver valuable content?

This is the information age and no business’ marketing strategy would be complete without offering free and useful content to prospective – and actual – customers.

Often organisations struggle to identify appropriate content to share, and in the case of membership organisations it’s usually a requirement to at least share with existing signed-up members and, increasingly often with prospects too.

Content or information can come in many different forms, from blog articles to annual reports, infographics to how to videos – so it can be hard to determine the best way to present information quickly and easily to the end user.

Criteria that often needs to be taken into account are key online search terms, length of piece for the channel/media, distribution methods and call to actions.

Getting the balance right between the type of channel to use to retain brand consistency and providing information that is accessible to all can be a challenge for marketing teams. It can be time-consuming and require multiple skills. That’s where an external resource such as a consultant or marketing agency can help to sift through the noise, interpret key messages and represent salient points in easy to digest creative methods.

Once these have been identified there is an element of reverse engineering to ensure it can be used successfully in a variety of formats e.g. a printed report that can then be converted to a digital brochure or a website with excerpts that can be extracted as images for use in social media.

Content is key to providing value to all stakeholders across the organisation; raising awareness, attracting prospects, selling your proposition and building loyalty.

Creating and delivering valuable content isn’t easy. Having the skill and know-how to produce and impart relevant and useful content is a principle reason prospects look to join an organisation like yours and, once they’ve been converted to members, a reason for them to stay!

Our resource section shows one method of content delivery.

Types of content:

  • Helpful Guides
  • Top Tips
  • Statistics/Data
  • Legislation
  • News
  • Interviews
  • New Members
  • New Partners
  • Testimonials
  • Special Offers

Formats that types of content can be presented:



Download pdfs


Audio clips


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